From a bar, directly into your bed: How to get a woman for an one night stand

Are you looking for tips on how to get a woman into your bedroom, ideally just for one night? Here are the types of women you can meet in a bar also with instructions how to get them.

Love at first sight

Probably the biggest group of women who appear in bars are those who are ready to sleep with a man already on the first date, but they have one condition. They have to immediately fall in love with you! You may tell yourself that you cannot influence this but the contrary is the truth. An experienced womanizer knows how to prevent women from falling in love with him. You just need three things – the behavior of a gentlemen, perfect body language and the art of listening to her.

Single girls

Most of the single women have no problem with sex for just one night. But how do you find out if she is single? Easily. She will look around more and map her victim. Her body language will be more loose too than the body language of a taken lady. Single girls are also looking for eye contact with men.

A bit of alcohol may help you

In connection with alcohol, your chances for an one night stand are rising. Some man have also a guaranteed combination of drinks which no lady can resist. For example Sex on the beach – already during its order, you can begin an intime theme. Beware that your chosen one shouldn’t drink too much alcohol, because after that she will not be able to do anything and you’ll also have to take care of her.

Dissatisfied women

If you come across a woman who has problems in relationships, you’re a winner. Offer her your shoulder to cry on. Listen to her, nod and empathize, just slip into the role of an understanding friend. Eventually, don’t forget to mention that such a young, beautiful and amazing Women is not worth of suffering. It works – 100%!

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